Wayne County Senior Photographer - Shelby's Senior Session

November 2013
So when I got to Shelby's home it wasn't the most desirable day for a senior session.  It was cold and gray, but it is a few weeks into November, so this is pretty much the norm here in northeast Ohio.  Before I left I noticed there was snow in the forecast, but it wasn't suppose to come till later, so I thought we should be good for Shelby's session.  So I get to her home, and we go over everything we were wanting to do, and then we went outside to start taking photos.  Right at that moment we started seeing some snow.  I figured it would go away, but little did I know that the snow was there to stay.  The entire session we would shoot till the snow got so bad that I couldn't get any more photos, and then we would move to something else.  At one point we went to her school to get some photos of her wrestling jacket and shoes in the gym, and it was great to avoid the snow.  Then we ended back to her home to end the session, and at this point it stopped snowing for a bit, so we decided  to try for some more photos outside.  As soon as I got her where I wanted her, down came the snow again!!!!!  At this point I told Shelby, lets just embrace it, so I had her put out her arms and just take it all in!  After looking through the photos later, it was one of my favorite photos of her.  It may not be the best senior picture, but it certainly summed up our day of shooting her senior pictures.  Thank you Shelby for being so easy going about the situation.  This poor girl was so cold and never once did I hear her complain!  I guess that says your mature, and ready for life.

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