Northeast Ohio Engagement and Wedding Photographer - Airplane Winter Engagement Session

I couldn't wait to do this session.  It was fun going somewhere different to shoot pictures, and going to an airport and shooting by a plane definitely fell into the category of different.  Josiah is in the air force, so what better way to capture his engagement photos then in front of a plane.  I have to say when I showed up for this session the sun was so bright, and when I was standing shooting towards the sun, with the open land behind me and with the snow, it was shooting some crazy light into my lens.  I have to say, I saw some things happening in my settings, that I have never seen before.  Luckily, I knew how to make the proper adjustments, otherwise this session could of been a disaster.  I don't think I have ever complained about getting to much light, but that is what was happening this day!  Regardless, the photos turned out and I love the feel that I captured in these photos.  I can't wait for Josiah and Sarah's wedding.  These two have an amazing story, and they are a great couple.  I'm sure their wedding day will be perfect.   

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