Medina - Wadsworth Senior Photographer - Alec's Senior Session

So when Alec's mom called to make an appointment, I thought she said Alex.  So I was calling Alec the wrong name for a good part of his session.  I don't think either of them had the heart to tell me I was saying his name wrong.  Then I asked if Alex was short for something, and that is when they both laughed and told me that wasn't his name.  I felt bad, but that is the downside with cell phones.  Sometimes, it's hard to hear someone correctly. 

Later in Alec's session he pulled out his skateboard and his soccer ball.  I always have so much fun with this part of a senior's session, when we showcase something their interested in.  I feel like I really get to know seniors when they can show me something their good at.  Alec was pretty amazing with soccer and his skateboard.  I couldn't even tell you how many pictures I took, and it was even harder sorting through them to pick which ones to include in his gallery.  I truly had fun capturing this for Alec.  I know guys don't like getting their pictures taken, but I appreciate Alec being a good sport and getting these photos done for his mom.  Thanks for letting me be part of it!

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