Engagement Photographer Medina OH - Tony & Katie

Tony and Katie are getting married on a beach, so when they contacted me to do their engagement photos, I figured we should incorporate some sand into this sessions some how.  In northeast Ohio aside of going to Lake Erie, there isn't a lot of options for sand.  So we hit up a local park and did the best with what little sand and water we had.  I have to say though that the weather was perfect for this session, because I wanted cloudy weather for the sand shots, because I wanted to shoot in so many directions and sun would not allow me to do that.  Then I really wanted sun for our 2nd half of the session that we shot in an open field.  So sun is what I got!!!  I have to say, I'm in love with the beautiful golden sun, and I never get bored shooting into the sun to get these amazing kind of photos.  Then at the end of the session Katie informed me that Tony wouldn't of handled it so well if it was to hot, so are mid 60's was perfect for all of us!  I wish both of these two the best at their wedding!  I hope you have some gorgeous sun just like we did for our session!

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