Family Photographer Medina County - (Baby & Children)

I love family sessions with children, however you never know what your going to get and I have learned to be flexible, and I've learned to be willing to try something new if the kids aren't having it!  In this case the one year old girl, just wasn't haven't it, and it took the energy of this entire family to get some smiles out of her.  I try to remember that I'm probably pretty scary to a little person, who has never met me before, and then I'm pulling out some big black thing and putting it to my face, and then I'm yelling and making weird noises.  I probably wouldn't smile either.  However, at the end of this session, we did get some smiles and I can't forget to mention how great this little boy was.  So cooperative and so easy going.  It was such a pleasure to get to know this family, and on a 80 degree day in May to beat!

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