Family Session Medina County - Brothers for Life!

I have to admit that this was one of the most special sessions I have ever done.  This family that I know from my church, one year ago, went over to Ukraine to adopt a child or maybe two.  Instead, they came home with three brothers.  What a journey this family has been on.  They have had some ups and some downs!  Adoption holds a special place in my heart because we adopted my son when he was 9 months old.  I know all about the joys and the struggles that comes along with adoption, but I don't think anyone could prepare them selves for three children at one time.  I guess that is when God's grace comes in to play.  I have watched these boys in the past year grow physically, I've watched their english develop, and I have seen their personalities shine through.  I have to admit, I'm quite sad, because in less then a month they are moving out of state.  I'm so glad I had the privilege to document this family through pictures before they left, and I hope in the future they come for a visit!  

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