Medina County Photographer - Medina OH Mini Family and Children Sessions (Lemonade Stand)

So I had this idea a long time ago to make a  little lemonade stand, so this year I told myself I was going to do it and make it a theme for my spring mini sessions.  The kids of all ages had fun with this, and it was a good reward for some of them at the end or a good way for the little ones to warm up to the whole photo thing by doing it at the beginning.  I brought my 16 year old daughter along with me that day, and she came in handy with the lemonade stand set up and tear down between sessions.

I have to say that looking at these pictures, you wouldn't know the crazy weather that was happening that day.  It was raining on and off all day, but the rain was suppose to clear by my session times, so I went ahead with the sessions.  When I got there a down pore of rain started, but within 10 minutes it was done and the sun literally came out right after.  Then later the wind picked up and didn't let up the whole evening.  I really battled the weather elements but somehow I got all the sessions done and on time!  WOOHOO!!!!  All in all a big success!

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