Akron Ohio Wedding Photographer - Aidan & Sarah

I've known Sarah since she was in high school, and I have seen her grow into a beautiful young women.  She just isn't beautiful on the outside, but also on the inside.  Aidan, was her high school sweetheart, and I remember when she first started dating him, and I thought to myself, wow they make the most adorable couple ever!  Who would of known all these years later they were going to get married.  I had the privilege of photographing Sarah's brother wedding many years ago, so it was so fun to spend the day with this family again.  I'm so happy for Sarah's mom Sally, who is a friend of mine, that her family has grown again.  It's so neat to see how the dynamic of a family can change through time, but in this case adding Aidan to their family is definitely for the better.  I can't wait to see what these two do and accomplish in their life together.  Wishing you both the best Aidan and Sarah!

Since we knew Sarah and her family so well, they invited my teenage daughter to come along with me for the day.  I handed her one of my cameras and set it up a bit for her to hopefully capture a few extra shots for me, and this is one that she took from the back of the bride walking down.  I'm so proud of her for capturing this photo so perfect.  Unfortunately by the end of the night when we were leaving the reception my daughter was exhausted and said that being a photographer wasn't a career for her, even though I think she has a creative eye for it.  Oh well, I have two younger kids yet and maybe one of them will grow with a passion to take photos like their momma!

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