MEDINA OH WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER - Sarah & Josiah (Medina county)

So this was a perfect day for a perfect couple, and one thing to top it off was a story that took place during the photo that was taken above.  Sarah, told me at some point during one of our meetings that she would love a photo dancing with Josiah in the gazebo, so I made a mental note to make sure that I did this.  So I told them to go and start dancing, and out of no where, came a young man with a guitar and asked if they would like him to play and sing a song.  Of course they said yes, and this young man sung a love song that I have never heard before, so maybe he wrote it, but it was beautiful.  Josiah and Sarah danced away, and I just kept snapping photos!  After the young man was done, and just walked away, and we didn't see him again.  Sarah asked me if I had that planned for him to come and sing while they were dancing, and I told her "no".  It was just a perfect moment for a perfect couple!

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