Cake Smashing Baby Photographer Medina OH - One Year Session


I absolutely love working with mom's on stylizing their cake smashing session.  I typically start with asking the mom if there is a theme for their 1st birthday party or a color they want to implement?  Then I always ask them to send me a picture of the outfit they are going to use?  From there I think up something fun and unique for their session.  I have never repeated the same colors or theme on any of them yet, so it keeps each one unique.  This little gals dress was just beautiful and it had some shimmer in it, so I had fun making her a banner and some little pom-poms to put on the floor and it also had some shimmer on it.  

Also this little gal wasn't to happy with us until she got her hands on her cake.  I think she might possible be my best cake smasher baby yet.  She didn't want to waste one bite of the cake, so luckily her mom got her a small cupcake, rather then a big cake.    

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