Children Photographer Medina OH - Family Session (Wadsworth)

So I'm going to be honest that when these cute kido's mom came to me and asked me to do pictures, I was a bit nervous.  Sometimes its hard getting even one kid to look at you when you want them to, but in this case, I was going to have 7 of them.  So I said yes, because I love a challenge.  I will say these kids did great, and I couldn't of asked more from them.  It's funny, because mom's always get so stressed out because in their mind their kids are not cooperating, but in my mind, the kids are being kids, and I know I just have to keep changing what I'm doing and I have to be quick.

This mom later admitted she was very upset after the session because she didn't think I got any good photos of the kids, and after she got the gallery, she said she was in shock and couldn't believe all the things I captured.  So to all of you mom's out there.  Try not to stress (easier said then done, I know), and just trust that the photographer is seeing more through the lens and their capturing it.

Boy's being boys!

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