Family, Children, Baby Photographer - Brunswick OHIO


So I have to say, this little guy is fast, and with that, I have to be fast!  Luckily my own children have taught me how to capture cuteness quickly.  I was so pleased to get some photos of these 2 cuties, and putting them inside the wooden crate was brilliant, so neither could escape for at least a minute.  The funny thing is, kids like to be in my wooden crate, and they think it is fun and in the meantime I'm getting the photos I need.  I have had the privilege to take this cute baby girls photos 3 times now, and I can't believe she is 9 months now.  It's crazy how much babies change in the first year, and I never get over the amazement of that.  Can' wait to see this little girl in my studio in a few months for her 1 year cake smashing!  It will be a blast!

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