Family Photographer Brunswick Ohio

So I'll be honest, I get a bit nervous when I do pictures of such a large family.  I think I come up with every problem in my head ahead of time, and I psyche myself out.  Then by the time the session is over, I ask myself why was I so nervous?  In this case it was a bit cold outside, and I wanted to move quickly, but with large groups that is hard to do.  We met on a early Sunday morning, but it worked out perfect for this location, because in the evening these steps get direct sun and I can't ever take photos there, when I'm typically at this park.  I have to admit I loved how well it turned out with a large family on the steps and I'll keep it in mind for the future.  This family also had a great idea, and they all headed out for a late breakfast together after we were done.  What a great start to a week for all of them.

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