High School Senior / Horse Photographer - Medina OH


So I have had the opportunity to take photos of horses a handful of times now, and I will say how much fun it always is.  These animals are always so dynamic and amazing to me.  Alyssa did a very good job getting the horses to do what we wanted them to do, and just like little kids, I just have to be quick on my end to capture them when they are behaving.  I had a ton of fun hanging out with Alyssa, her mom, and even her sister during the session.  The stable that their horses are at is beautiful and it made for a great senior session.  Once again, sessions like this make my job not feel like a job.  I love what I do, and I love these high school seniors.  It's so fun getting to know them and hearing all about their future plans.  Now I can't wait for my next senior session with a horse, whenever that might be.

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