Medina OH Studio Photographer - Senior Session Wadsworth OH


So we started Sarah's session at my in home natural light studio and ended it at her home.  It was great, because it gave us a lot of options and variety.  When Sarah arrived at the studio, she was like most of the senior girls that I get.  She was very nervous and very up tight.  I always take a few minutes to talk to seniors, to get to know them, and to go over what will be happening, and what to expect.  Typically within a few minutes of shooting photos, I see more natural come across my lens because the senior is more at ease.  In Sarah's case it came in handy that we worked out all of that at the studio, because when we got to her house, we didn't have a ton of time before the sun was setting, so we shot out the 2nd part of her session very quickly.  I have to admit, sometimes I work great under pressure and Sarah did as well.  We rocked it and the sun was just gorgeous on her property at her home.  I almost wish I had a backyard like hers for shooting pictures in everyday, but at least I got to shoot her photos there.  Sarah your a beautiful girl, and I had a lot of fun hanging out with you and getting to know you.  

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