Senior Photographer Medina Ohio - Mackenzie


So I think ballerina pictures are some of my favorite to take.  I have had a chance to do this a few times now, and I love it.  Maybe, its because down deep I wish I could look so elegant and beautiful, and could be so flexible.  So I guess since I'm not all those things, taking photos of a ballerina is the next best thing.  

I had a chance to take Mackenzie's families pictures last year, so it was fun working with her again.  Mackenzie is a beautiful girl inside and out.  She has a love for animals and she is going to make a great vet one day!  I just love talking with these high school seniors and hearing their life goals.  Mackenzie has big plans and it's so inspiring.  Mackenzie, wishing you the best in all your life endeavors! 

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