Senior Photographer - Akron Ohio, Norton Ohio, Wadsworth Ohio

June 2015
Boys and their cars and in this case Ryan is very proud of his car because he is the one paying for it.  So of course we needed to include it in his session.  I have to say though, this June has been the rainiest June I can ever remember.  I've pretty much rescheduled all my sessions lately, and Ryan's was no exception.  So with Ryan's work schedule being busy, we decided to go with a morning and shoot as the sun was coming up.  

I'm sure most are cursing my name under their breath when they have to get up early to do a session and then none the less smile for my photos.  However, after we get going the bitterness of the time of the day seems to go away.  Maybe I should be brining along a Starbucks for my clients who go with the morning option.  I do love that morning sun and I'm already up, so I'm more then happy to do sessions in the morning.  Ryan you did a great job, and I had fun hanging out with you, even if you were a bit tired!!!!  I hope you have a wonderful senior year.

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