Commercial Photographer - Cleveland Ohio (Northeast Ohio Parent)

March 2016

What a fun photos shoot.  So the editor of the Parent Magazine came to me and asked if I knew a mom that would fit the image for this session.  We wanted a mom wrapped in cords and with a bit of crazy hair.  I right away though of my friend Jenine.  She has the most amazing curly hair and I knew she would fit the part.  I was very grateful that she agreed to do this session and that we could fit the look we were going for.  This was such a fun session, since I got to work with a good friend.  

Jenine also brought along her son to the session, and we were able to do some gaming information for an inside story.  Thanks Josh for being willing to do this.  I don't think you minded to much, since you got out of school early to come to your session!

Here is one other session I did, for some photos on another inside camp story.  How fun to mix a little science with my photography.  Don't tell anyone, but those were not real chemicals but just water with food die!  Oh the things you come up with for a photo shoot.

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