Photographer Commercial Akron / Cleveland Ohio

April 2016

So this session had it's challenges, because babies are always unpredictable or maybe we should say predictable, because in this case we were trying to do this photo shoot during nap time and this baby knew it.  This little guy was very happy upon arrival, but by the time we settled on an outfit, the room and lighting for the session, he was getting a bit tired.  By the time we started, he was just angry and wanted no part of it. Unfortunately, there were so many adults in the room, and so many people in his face, that I knew we had to change something or we were going to leave with no photos.  So I asked everyone to leave the room we were shooting in, and asked the mom, to try to rock him asleep.  We kept the environment quiet, and we got his sister to hold him for this photo.  I was sweating it a bit, but we finally got the shot.  If only everyone could see what goes on in behind the scenes of getting a cover shot.  

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