Here is a list of mini sessions that I have come up with for 2019.  I have a lot of families who come back every year for mini sessions, and I want to make sure that I have something fun and different to offer everyone.  Below you will find the list of mini sessions and a brief description of that session.  When the time gets closer for the sessions I will have advertising available with sample pictures.  I will also open this up to all the families who have used me in the past first, and then I will be offering the mini sessions online for booking as it gets closer to each of the dates.  If you think your wanting to do a mini session please let me know, so an appointment can be reserved for you and as it gets closer you will get to choose your time and pay a deposit for your appointment.   Also just a heads up that a few of the sessions will be priced higher then my normal $150.00, due to limited sessions available and additional cost incurred to have the theme that is being offered. Let me know what session or sessions your interested in this year. 

April 6th 2-4pm Greenhouse Spring & Easter Sessions I’m so excited to offer some beautiful flowers and some warm temperature in early April.  This green house offers comfortable temperatures, no matter the temperature outside, or if its raining.  I will bring along some cute props for spring, Easter, and gardening.  I have limited appointments and times for these sessions.

May 25th  4-8pm Spring Mini Sessions & Tea Party Theme – These sessions will be help in one of my favorite parks and offers the most amazing colors of flowers.  The tea party theme is optional but if you have little girl(s) it makes for the cutest setting.  (May 26th weather back up date)

June 15th  5-7pm Baseball Themed Mini Session – I have some fun ideas for these sessions, and I’ll be sending out advertising in the future of what my vision will be.  These sessions will be fun for just one child, siblings, or the entire family.  I’m bringing along some old fashion coke cola bottles, and an old looking bat, ball, and baseball mitt.  (June 16, weather back up date)

July 19th 7-9pm Beach Theme – These sessions will be held in Mentor at Headlands Beach State Park and the sessions will be limited because of trying to capture the beautiful evening sun.  This location is a bit of a drive but it doesn’t disappoint.  My vision is to capture those beach photos like if you were on vacation.   These sessions will be priced higher at $200.00 because it will be limited to one night and limited appointments due to shooting as the sun goes down.  Here are some example photos from last year’s sessions.  (July 26th weather back up date)

August 10th 5-7pm Wildflower Sessions  - I’m so excited to offer for the first time, some mini sessions with this beautiful park that has many varieties of wild flowers planted.  It’s a beautiful and natural backdrop.  (August 11th weather back up date)

September 9th 4-8pm Vineyard -  What is it about a vineyard that makes for the most perfect photos?  I’m excited to offer for the first time, this beautiful setting.  (September 10th weather back up date) The dates and time for these sessions may change

October 5th   2-5pm  Fall Pumpkin Patch Session   (October 6th weather back up date)

October 19th 12-5pm  Fall Mini Session – The location for these sessions will be announced when the fall colors arrive.  These sessions will be located at a park setting with the beautiful fall trees.  October 14th is the rain back up date. (October 20th weather back up date)

November 9th 1-4pm  Stringed Lights in the Woods Session-  I had this vision last year and went out and captured it with two families, so that I had the photos to show everyone this year.  I spend a lot of time stringing these lights in the woods which are run by a generator, but the result is so worth it.  (November 10th weather back up date)

November 17th 10-4pm  Barn Christmas Sessions So these sessions are back by popular demand.  These sessions booked out so fast last year, so I’m bringing them back for any who missed out on them.  Be sure to grab up your spot, because appointments are limited and these are nice because we don’t have to worry about the outdoors, and it’s a bit warmer then the outdoor temperatures.