Watch this video to see where my passion for photography began!

More About Me and My Photography

About Me: I'm a christian, a wife to an amazing man, a mother to four wonderful children, and a photographer who loves to take pictures of everything.  My husband and I have 2 older girls and then in 2007 we made the decision to adopt a child, so in 2008 we had the privilege of adopting our son from Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.  Then to our surprise we welcomed our youngest daughter and fourth child into our family on Christmas Day 2011. 

My Passion: Photography is just not my job, it's my passion.  I love to just not capture memories of my family, but I love to document my memories of my family in a photo book every year.  I've learned over time that life does not slow down, and that life changes constantly and my passion is to encourage every family to capture their family through photos and to then put them somewhere to look back on them.  

About My Family Photography: I work in Medina County and surrounding areas in Ohio, and I love to shoot life in a natural way.  I love to capture a mother and father smiling at their new baby.  I love to capture children running, playing and having fun.  I love to sneak that picture of an engaged couple, when they are making each other laugh.  I have a photojournalistic approach to my photography, and I also take time to get those perfect shots where everyone is looking into my camera.  I love to use natural light to keep all my photos looking soft and natural.  I love to be creative, and I'm always wanting to try something new.  Also, don't hesitate to bring me ideas that you have for a fun session!  Just remember life is to short to not capture it through pictures.  Contact me today to have something special to put up on your wall.

Commercial and Business Photography: I shoot for many local publications and business.  I enjoy to help companies grow their brand, and use my photos for their marketing.  I specialize in head shots, real estate, and photos for publications.  If you have a need for photos for your online presence or marketing, then contact me today.  I would love to here your ideas.